American Shoe Party Girl

American Shoe Company's Party Girl Adjustable Skate.

These skates adjust to acomidate 4 shoe sizes.

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Put her style on ice with the American Athletic Shoe Girls' Party Girl Skates. With a buckle closure system for easy on and off and warm, cozy lining, these figure skates look great while providing practicality. A durable, hard shell construction and a range of size adjustments means these skates will last her for the many seasons ahead. Make a figure skater out of her at an early age with these adjustable skates by American Athletic Shoe.


  • Adjustable figure skates
  • Dual buckle closure system
  • Easily slips on and off
  • Adjusts to 4 sizes
  • Interior lining delivers warmth and comfort
  • Hard shell construction
  • Picked figure skate blades
  • Skates run true to size
  • 90-day manufacturer's limited warranty