Bucwild Knee Pads 2017

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$20.00 2017 knee pads

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• Comfort & Protection - Each cushion pad is individually inserted so each conforms to your knee as you bend for complete protection coverage. Others feel like a book on your knee and are just one single flat cushion with cut grooves to mimic real cushion pads.
• Advanced Sweat-Wicking Material - Our sleeves offer premium softness and wicking ability using the most advanced composition of wicking compression material made. Increases blood flow and circulation throughout knees, thigh, and foot.
• Non-Slip Silicone Band - A discrete band of soft silicone comfortably grips your skin, keeping the sleeve in place even as sweat accumulates.
• Precision Sizing - No guessing at your correct size. Our sizes are already optimized for correct compression fit. Just use a tape measure and measure around your mid-thigh and a look at our (zoom-able) size chart. Using your measurements, find and order the appropriate size.
• Flat Seam Stitching - Allows greater flexibility & motion with no skin chafing or irritation

• Increase blood flow and circulation throughout knees, thigh and foot.
• Help muscles recover faster from training and general soreness.
• Provide mild pain relief from over-use.
• Shield yourself from harmful UV rays without using greasy lotions.
• Use as a rash guard and protect your knees from minor scratches and abrasions.
• Easily regulate body temperature with these easy-on-easy-off sleeves.
• Wear as a base layer for added comfort as knee warmers.